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May 14, 2022

Responding to Rick Riordan's Nonsensical Apologia for Woke D
Applied Virtue

April 21, 2022

Talking #ComicsGate with Jon Del Arroz
Applied Virtue

February 16, 2022

An Interview with Adam Katz from Imperium Press
Applied Virtue

February 8, 2022

Apologetics in the Modern World
Applied Virtue

January 21, 2022

Talking about the Western Canon with Todd Lewis
Applied Virtue

December 30, 2021

Dispelling Illusions and Lies with Max Kolbe
Applied Virtue

December 16, 2021

Christianity versus Libertarianism: The Case of Ebenezer Scrooge
Applied Virtue

November 24, 2021
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How to Red-Pill a Normie
Applied Virtue

November 4, 2021

Talking Thomism with Thomistic Disputations
Applied Virtue

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