The Iron Age Archive began as a simple collaborative archiving project in 2019, with the objective of keeping our community up-to-date on all of the latest video releases from our favorite content creators. The site now continues to automatically update once a day, allowing us to have a common subscription feed to both share and gather around as an online circle.

As our community has grown, however, we have also expanded our activities to meet its needs. Iron Age Archive produces both video and written content on Youtube and Substack, hosts regular book and Bible discussions on its Discord server, and even has a growing research department specifically tasked with investigating the inner workings of THE Adversary and his legion.

Moving forward, The Archive intends to provide continued support to all creators of content that shed light on the reality of our modern day spiritual, philosophical, and political conundrum. We may live in a metaphorical ‘Iron Age’, but lurking along the margins of it is a budding network of artists, writers, filmmakers, entertainers, and academics, who are all eager to express their dissent against the prevailing spirit of the age. Iron Age Archive hopes to be with them and their supporters every step of the way, to facilitate collaboration, productivity, and success among them.

We cannot say for certain how these endeavors will necessarily affect the future, but we can say, with much more certainty, that we will all be spiritually enriched for having a thriving network of like-minds, who will be able to continue giving life to a tradition of truth, goodness, and beauty, that we have inherited from the past, and are now tasked with to pass down into the future. Ultimately, we acknowledge that this tradition comes directly from God (The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and it is to Him that is due all honor, worship, and glory. Our mission here then is to merely provide more fortification to help ourselves and future generations combat the spiritual deceptions, pitfalls, and hurdles that continue to be placed in our path by the Evil One. We’re just trying to keep the roads safe... May God direct us by His wisdom and His power, and have mercy on us.

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